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About Us

Kristin Engle, founder of Allergy Tee with daughter, Madeleine and mother and designer, Cathe Physioc

Our Mission

Allergy Tee™ was designed to give parents and caregivers peace of mind by creating cute, comfortable t-shirts for young children with food allergies and special diets.

Perfect for the first day of school, camp and play dates, our shirts provide a visual reference for teachers, camp counselors, nannies and friends about which foods to avoid for a specific child.

Our adorable shirts are designed and printed in Southern California.


Our Story

Allergy Tee™ is the product of three generations of women - It was inspired by my daughter, designed by my mother and brought to life by yours truly.

When my first born, Madeleine, was 7 months old, we found out she was allergic to peanuts, wheat, dairy, eggs AND shellfish.   I remember getting the test results and asking the allergist, "What CAN she eat?" and "how did this happen?" and "how soon will she grow out of it?"  While he couldn't answer any of the questions with certainty, he also didn't sugar coat the challenging and scary road that lay ahead.  

He was right.  That day in his office, I had no idea how hard it would be. The worry. The obsessive checking and re-checking of food labels. The fear of a reaction and the greater fear during a reaction of how bad it could get.
When my daughter was about to start preschool, the anxiety heightened.  How will the teachers remember all of her allergies?  What if someone forgets?  What if a classmate tries to share their lunch? So, I called my mom, who also happens to be a talented artist and designer, and together we created a shirt for my daughter to wear to her first week of school that listed all of her allergies. Her teachers were so grateful to have the visual reminder and I was happy to have peace of mind. When she started summer camp for the first time, we did the same thing. Again, the counselors told me how relieved they were that she wore the t-shirt, because so many of the kids shared their food and this made it easy for them to remember to keep her safe. As for Madeleine, she loves all of the colorful food characters and knowing that the shirt was made just for her.

There is fear and a feeling of helplessness when you are a parent of a child with food allergies.  Allergy Tee™ was designed to give parents the peace of mind they deserve.


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